Pockets of Productivity and body language.

If you have taken the time to read the “about” section of this blog you will see that there are five topics that I think about the most.  Of course, these are not the only topics that I am interested in, they are just the ones that I feel the most comfortable discussing. Now that statement is made please read on for some words of wisdom, that has made me more productive and had a positive impact on how I interact with the world around me

Words of wisdom from business to everyday life.

I want to share some life experiences, as well as some topics I am passionate about but don’t  feel compelled to dedicate an entire blog post to at this time.  The first is a quote: “Never stand around with your hands in your pockets.”  While this may or may not seem like obviously good advice. It is extremely important in life for several reasons.  Standing around with your hands in your pockets makes you a target.  When you are standing with your hands in your pockets it is highly likely that either you are doing nothing, or very little.  In my own business as well as most companies I have worked with, the person in that stagnant state was given the worst, boring, least rewarding tasks first, such as filing backdated documents, faxing dozens of forms to vendors, scan docs, wrapping cable, digging trenches, and soaping wires. Those tasks cover advertising, manufacturing, stage hand, and construction work to illustrate the breadth of industries where standing around with your hands in your pockets is a negative activity in business. A few other instances where negative activity produced negative results.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Throughout the 90’s I spent nearly all of my time between the Beaches of New Jersey, The Lower East Side (LES) in Manhattan, Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and Jackson Heights Queens. The reason I point out the geographical areas is that they are very diverse in comparison to each other.  Although it is easy to identify the differences from each place, they all had the same outlook:  if you look like a victim you will become a victim.  While the interactions for which a person may be confronted with will most likely differ, such as getting mugged, sucker punched, scammed by various street hustlers, harassed by drunks, junkies, and wackadoos, random search by New York’s finest; nonetheless, they are all situations that generally that should be avoided, but standing around with your hands in your pockets is like wearing a sign that says “victim here”.

Respect and trust.

As a Father, standing around with your hands in your pockets makes it hard to command respect and be taken seriously as an authority figure.   Any time my father would have his hand in his pockets while parenting he was red faced and screaming, which is probably the only way to get someone to realize how serious you are.

Fashion and practicality

Pocket advocate: I am a total pocket advocate.   I dislike pants and jackets that don’t have pockets, as a parent and without a care for social acceptance, I love cargo shorts due to the ample pocket space, and in cold weather, I am totally comfortable with walking with my hands in the cozy pockets of a hoodie or jacket.  Now that I think it is clear there is a time and a place to make yourself vulnerable.   Hopefully, this insight helps you seem more productive and be a little safer navigating the world.


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